Sunday, March 31, 2013

Somebunny Came to See Us

Hippity-Hoppity, the Easter Bunny hopped right down our hallway last night and into our bedrooms.  How do we know this?  Well, a certain somebunny left footprints behind so now we have proof.  I can't even begin to describe just how excited we were to find footprints...let's just say the footprints were way cooler then all of the good stuff also left behind in our baskets.  Don't think for one minute that we didn't enjoy the candy, toys, and clothes; but Easter Bunny footprints are amazing!  After following the footprints all over the house, we did finally manage to find our baskets; mine in our shower, and Lily's downstairs in the tub.  I was pretty excited with all of the Angry Birds stuff I received.  I actually picked it out of my basket immediately, and Mom and Dad had to send me back to the shower to get the rest of the basket.  Good thing too, because I would have missed out on my new stomp rocket and Perler beads.  Lily loved her new bike helmet, nail polish, and Barbie band aids as well.  After all of the mornings' excitement, we headed up to Grandma Jackie's for the annual Easter egg hunt.  This year's hunt was indoors due to the fact that there is still snow on the ground.  It didn't dampen our spirits though, and we managed to find all of our eggs along with a bucket of goodies for each of us.  This Easter was a hopping good time here in our world!

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