Saturday, March 30, 2013

8 years is...

8 years is...

*252,460,800 hiccups (seconds)
*2922 sunsets
*417 Fridays
*96 slivers of a moon
*8 first days of Spring

That is a lot of hiccups, sunsets, Fridays, slivers of a moon, and first days of Spring that Grandpa Wayne has missed out on (not to mention the birth of the two most awesome twins ever).  The older we get the more questions we ask about who he was, what he did, and why he is gone.  The older we get the more we understand.  The one thing that has become clear over the last year is that Grandpa really hasn't missed out on all of those hiccups, sunsets, Fridays, slivers of a moon, and first days of Spring; he has been in our hearts with us the whole time experiencing everything right along with us.  He has seen Lily dance, hold her breath under water, and sing in the shower.  He has seen me hit a baseball, build a snowman, and begin to learn how to read.  He is with us in the backyard every time we hear the cardinal chirping, and we ask mom to call back to him just like Grandpa Wayne used to do.  I shared with Mom just the other day that even though we wish we could see him, touch him, and talk to him, it is going to be okay, because we know he is here in our hearts because he is OUR GRANDPA! 

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Jackie said...

Ryan, you tell your Mom that Grandma loves her and is so proud of those "awesome twins". I am sure that Grandpa Wayne sees the great job she is doing but I bet he still wishes he could be here holding your and Lily's hand but it isn't all bad being in your heart. He loves you as much as Grandma does but I am lucky enough to get the real hugs.