Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mikro Soccer

We've been begging to play soccer for awhile now, and an opportunity just presented itself that fit perfectly between our other activities.  We were so excited when Mom signed us up that we were counting down the days.  Tonight, we were able to stop counting and start playing.  We had so much fun running around, and we never shied away from the action.  Lily came home from day one with an egg on her head, and I lost my shoes a few times as I fell to the ground from either running too fast or running into another player.  Lily did score one goal, but unfortunately it was for the other team.  She was super fast though going the wrong way down the field and dodging players so we are proud of her nonetheless.  It was so awesome, that we have already started counting down again for our second lesson!!!

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Jackie said...

Lily is a lot more aggressive than her mother. Her Mom liked being goalie so she could rest on the net and swing around it. Don't remember her scoring any goals (for either team)!