Monday, November 21, 2011

P-T Conferences

Today we were thrown off a bit because we had to go to school after dark. We came to find out that we were just along for the ride, Mommy and Daddy were actually at school to meet with Mrs. Otero. Supposedly they were there to hear all sorts of wonderful things about us, but what else would you expect?!?! Mrs. Otero said we were bright kids who had a lot to offer in class. She did mention that I am a bit emotional and that Lily is a little mother in class so apparently she has been paying attention quite well. She felt we were ahead of the game with numbers, letters, and sound recognition. She shared some of our work including the Halloween story we had to write where I felt my picture of Lightning McQueen wasn't good enough so I convinced her to let me make two copies. Mom and Dad were happy campers with all she had to say so I guess that means Mrs. Otero is keeping us!

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