Monday, November 21, 2011

4 Year Check-Up

Another birthday, another yearly check-up. This is our least favorite part about having a birthday, but Mom explained to us that unfortunately they go hand in hand. We (or mainly I) were dreading our appointment today because with doctors comes shots. I started crying as soon as we were called back and started begging for the nose shot (flu nasal mist). I cried about a month ago when we got that as well, but I'd do that again over a shot any day. Well, it turns out that all of my tears were for nothing...we didn't have to get any shots. I relaxed a bit after that and Dr. Hagerman proclaimed that we are two healthy looking kids who are growing nicely. Here are our 4 year old stats, although Mom thinks our heights are off by a 1/2" or so because we refused to stand up straight.

Height: 40 1/2"(60%)
Weight: 41 lbs.(80%)

Height: 38 1/2"(25%)
Weight: 36 lbs.(55%)

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