Monday, July 25, 2011

Master Gardener

Today is what a master gardener like myself would consider a good day. Mom and I were able to harvest another tomato, our first strawberry (which was in my and Lily's belly faster than Mom could get a picture), and tons of jalapenos, zucchini, and basil. We had so much food I had to go get my basket to carry it all inside. Everything else is growing quite well and it is only a matter of days before we have enough tomatoes to feed an army, and some red peppers, corn, and pumpkins! Our first attempt at a garden has been successful (at least we think so) and we can't wait to see just how much food we get!

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Betty Van Dreel said...

Yummmy it all sounds great. You must be great gardners. I have a cherry tomato plant with lots of tomatoes on it but only 9 that have ripened so far. Maybe you should come and help me with my garden Ryan. Keep up the good work.
Love Grandma Betty