Monday, July 4, 2011

Flag and Rocket Day

Get ready, get set, GO! That about sums up our Fourth of July weekend, and is the reason for the 4000 pictures. From the minute we arrived up at the cottage we were on the go. Saturday we took the "relaxation station" out on the lake only to return a few minutes later because I just wanted to hang out with Grandma at the cottage. After dropping me off Dad, Mom, and Lily made it back out to the middle of the lake where they swam like fish for hours. Saturday night we headed over to the Munger Lake boat parade and then enjoyed a few post parade fireworks. Sunday, Mom and Dad took us on an adventure to Boot Lake where we played and swam at the beach for hours. Lily practiced her underwater skills while I focused on more important things like building giant sand castles complete with moats and bridges. Sunday night we somehow managed to squeeze in strawberry shortcake and smores, as well as a quick fishing trip and fireworks of our own. We only fished one time, but we made it count with Lily catching a bluegill and myself a bass. As for the fireworks we aren't really sure how we feel. We loved the sparklers and fountains, but in the end decided that as a whole they were too loud. Wrigley wholeheartedly agreed so we decided to call it quits. That's when Grandma broke out the glow sticks and we were ready to go again. After three fun filled days and nights we cleaned up and headed home, but not before heading to the candy store or should we say ice cream store. That's right, we didn't make it to the candy store, instead we decided to stop at a different ice cream store where we discovered rainbow sherbet and a pink bench with Lily's name written all over it! What an amazing "flag and rocket day" weekend it was!!!!

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