Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adventures at the Zoo

I wasn't happy or upset about giraffe class today, but after arriving at the zoo I went into it with a somewhat open mind. I managed to complete all of the projects and once home I enjoyed showing Mom and Lily all of the stuff I made. I'm really excited for the reptile class this Fall, and I think I had that on the brain the entire time. Hopefully I can sign up for that one so I can learn all about snakes, lizards, and alligators!!!

Lily here! While Ryan was at Giraffe class, Mom and I braved the hot temperatures and roamed the zoo. We stayed indoors for most of the time, but did venture out to say hi to the sea lions, polar bear, elephants, flamingos, and giraffes. We also got to see an orangutan eating a giant popsicle. If only our popsicles could be so big! We changed up our route a bit too and got to see the aviary building where I spent some time getting up close and personal with the different birds. It is always an adventure at the zoo here our world!

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