Sunday, March 13, 2011

Winter Fun

We spent one of the last weekends of Winter up at the cottage enjoying everything great that Winter has to offer. Uncle Steve, Aunt Claire, and Elizabeth joined us for one evening too which made it all the better! We built not one, but two snowmen. They each only survived a day though after Wrigley tore the arms and face off of one, and the rain toppled the other. We went sledding, and then we went SLEDDING. We started small on a little hill, with Lily's first solo trip down resulted in her being taken out by a branch. I wasn't crazy enough to follow suit, but I did somehow end up in a giant sled being pulled behind the 4-wheeler which was awesome! Lily rode a snowmobile for the first time, but there was no way I was getting on that "flying machine". Lily was hesitant at first as well, but once on the only words uttered were "Daddy, go faster!" We also built a snow tunnel, which after some persuasion I climbed through. Uncle Steve managed to rig Lily's boots with duct tape since every time she took a step her foot sank in the snow and then her boot came off. After his tape job they didn't come off again until Mom pried them off. We loved each trip outside because they always ended in our coming inside for hot chocolate and cookies. Grandma also read us so many stories that I think she had them memorized by the time the weekend was over. We didn't think we could make the weekend any better until we heard the words candy store! After this weekend, it is official, we love Winter here in our world (although we're ready for Summer any day now)!

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Jackie said...

It was a really fun weekend but I think Grandma Jackie likes Summer a bit better! No frozen pipes in Summer!