Monday, March 7, 2011

Play Ball!

After watching Lily at ballet for the last few weeks, I've been itching to take a class of my own. Today my dream came true and I started baseball. It isn't baseball in the traditional sense...we don't actually play a ball game. Instead, we learn all about the game and how to play it right. After arriving today, Coach Kyle realized he had forgotten to contact us about the time change so he gave me a private lesson so that we didn't have to come back. It was great! The first thing we learned was baseball stretching techniques. I didn't have much interest in that, and I think Coach Kyle quickly realized that we needed to move on to something else. That's when it got fun. I learned the names of the bases and how to hold a bat. He brought out the tee and I got to take quite a few swings all while maintaining proper batting technique (or at least attempting to maintain proper technique)...feet apart, knees bent, bat up next to my ear. He was impressed that I already twisted my back foot when batting, or what he referred to as "squishing the bug". I had a hard time remembering to keep my bat up though, but he said even grown-ups forget that sometimes so I was doing pretty good for a three year old. After taking some swings we practiced running to first base. That part was easy, but remembering to drop the bat was not. Since it was just Coach Kyle and me, he let Lily join in on some of the fun when we worked on picking up all of the balls I hit and catching. We learned that your eyes are the most important body part when it comes to catching...Lily and I both guessed your hands. Oops! We started learning how to throw to one another, but by that time I just wanted to see how high and far I could throw the ball. Mom and Coach Kyle decided to call it quits since we were having a hard time controlling our silliness. I'd call it a successful first lesson though and next week I get to play with all sorts of new friends! Batter up here in our world!

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