Saturday, February 12, 2011

Swim Lessons

We started swim lessons today at Le Club. We were both pretty excited to go, but upon seeing the pool I had a little change of heart. It took Dad awhile to coax me into the water, and then once in, I wasn't in the mood to follow the teachers directions. Lily on the other hand jumped right in and told the teacher she could do it all by herself...little did she know the objective was to keep your head above water. She required some assistance from Dad, but she loved everything about it! By the end I was ready to try a few things out, but then the teacher announced it was time to go so I got upset all over again. Mom managed to get me home, and by then I was in a much better mood. Lily jumped right on the couch saying that all that swimming pooped her out. If that's the case Mom might take us to swim lessons more often. We're just trying to stay afloat here in our world!

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Jackie said...

Sounds like you had a small problem with Ryan!!!!!!