Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard 2011

While Dad's away we get to the snow that is. Daddy flew out to Arizona early to beat the blizzard, and good thing, because otherwise he'd be plowing us out right now. Since everything is closed we're not going anywhere, and someone had to help Mom shovel so we immediately volunteered. Not sure we're what Mom had in mind, but she bundled us up and off we went. We weren't aware that the snow was higher than us in some spots so we let Mom take care of those areas as well as most of the other areas now that I think about it. Lily lost her boot more times than I have fingers and I kept sinking in the drifts so Mom had to rescue me on a few occasions. I'm not sure we were much help, and it probably took Mom twice as long as usual, but the sidewalks are clear, and Wrigley can get outside now which was very important. We also managed to make a few snow angels and find some pretty cool snowballs so we consider the morning a success! This blizzard can't slow us down here in our world!

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Jackie said...

I particularly love the one of Wrigley.....great shot! My grandchildren look like they enjoy Wisconsin....although they enjoy most everything!