Thursday, December 29, 2016

Maxwell - Four Months

Maxwell celebrated his four month birthday by going to the doctor for his well baby check. Everything checked out "well" as Max is meeting all of his milestones. He came in at 14 pounds 8 ounces (28%) and 24.5 inches (20%). Petite is how Dr. Hagerman described him, but still growing as expected. His head is still huge coming in at over the 97th percentile, but we are assuming it must just mean he is a bonafide genius. Due to him being right on track he was given the go ahead to start solids, and unlike way back when we were his age, he gets to skip the rice cereal and go right to fruits and veggies. If only we could have been so lucky! As for what is new in Max's world...he is now trying to stand using us for balance and he thinks his reflection is one of the coolest things ever and smiles every time he catches a glimpse of his handsome self. He is still talking to us and adding more and more sounds as he tells us about his day, and as if on cue, he often responds with appropriate intonation and sounds when we ask him questions. I swear he understands everything we're saying to him sometimes!?!?! On a less positive note, he did catch his first cold this month, but it was minor and really didn't affect him much. He definitely makes each day in our house that much better with his contagious smile and little giggles, and we're sure it will just keep getting better and better!

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Jackie said...

Grandma Jackie thinks his smile would make anyone's certainly makes hers!