Sunday, December 25, 2016


We were the last ones to arrive at Grandma's to celebrate Christmas and her birthday. Adding another kid to the mix and the fact that Dad only has one functional arm delayed us a bit, but we made it and arrived with bells and whistles on! Max made himself right at home and enjoyed being passed from person to person all night long! He only missed out on a few things due to sheer exhaustion, but once awake he was ready and raring to go again! We're now old pros at this Christmas thing and stayed busy with our cousins playing Slapzi and hide n' seek. Even Harley enjoyed himself although he was attached to Mom for most of the evening due to his love of eating everything in sight. It was a great way to end our Christmas celebrations and we can't believe it is another 364 days until we get to do it all over again! Merry Christmas!!!

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Jackie said...

It was the first time you were last to arrive! But you were also the last to leave. I trust you enjoyed the holiday as much as this Grandma did. I thought our family was complete last year but now I can't imagine it without Max. His smile adds so much happiness! We are truly blessed!!!!!