Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ms. Skittles

We are now the proud owners of the cutest little hamster EVER!!! A few weeks ago I came up with the brilliant idea that we should get a hamster. I realized we weren't getting a new puppy anytime soon, but I thought a hamster might be a good compromise. Mom said in order to get one, I needed to research and write about how to take care of one. The challenge was accepted without hesitation, and thanks to my superior writing skills and the fact that Siri and I are best friends, I was able to write a five page paper with various headings providing Mom with step by step instructions on what exactly we needed to do. I did all of the convincing; however, Ryan had my back the whole way, and was secretly cheering me on. After reading my work, Mom couldn't argue with me, and agreed that after we returned from Arizona we would discuss the whole hamster thing. I of course revisited it on the plane ride home, and after slight deliberations Mom and Dad agreed to get us a hamster. Once home, Ryan and I immediately got to work picking out a cage, ball, chew toys, and food. We then sat down and brainstormed 35 different names and color variations. After a few days the wait was over and Mom took us to the store to pick out our hamster. It was love at first site as we got to hold all of the different ones. The nice hamster lady at the pet store explained the pros and cons of each one and we settled on a Chinese Dwarf Hamster. She didn't exactly meet our color specifications, but we stuck with our number one name Skittles anyway. She is home safe and sound now and slept all afternoon. Right around bedtime she made her appearance to explore, run for a bit on her wheel, and have a little snack. Ryan was pretty relieved when she woke up and even commented that he thought she was dead. I'm pretty sure all of my research paid off though and Ms. Skittles is going to be very happy and healthy in her new home!

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