Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July

We've been itching to get back up to the cottage, but we stayed home until Thursday night due to swim lessons and my final baseball game. It was a good thing we stayed though because this kid got a  home run!!! After some celebration we quickly headed out of town and drove late into the night picking up Grandma and then heading up to the cottage. We spent Friday just relaxing. I started a rock collection and Lily was busy paddle boarding. If she could sleep on that thing I swear she would! All day I also kept eyeing the fireworks and kept counting down the hours until ignition (unfortunately I had over 24 hours to go). Luckily Saturday went fast as we spent the afternoon at Uncle Pat's and Aunt Mary's cottage swimming with John and James. We partook in a pretty serious water gun fight which even involved a stuffed animal being held hostage in the middle of the lake. After a quick stop off at the candy store for ice cream we headed back to the cottage for dinner and then the big show! As soon as dusk hit we were off lighting every single thing we had. We were interrupted mid show by the big ones over the lake. We ran down to the dock to take it all in, but we quickly returned to finish off our stash of fireworks which in our world were just as good! Happy 4th of July!!!

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