Saturday, November 3, 2012

Green Bay Birthday Party

We did it!  We made it to the ripe old age of 5, at least that's how we view it, and the first five days have gone off without a hitch.  Today, we headed North to Green Bay to celebrate with Grandma Jackie and the gang.  We started preparing yesterday by helping Mom bake our cakes.  The theme this year was originally Hot Wheels and dolphins, but those gave way to Dinosaurs and Barbie just a few short days before which left Mom scrambling.  She decided to make our cakes special by letting us choose our flavor since she didn't have enough time to come up with elaborate cakes.  Lily went with confetti and I got a little crazy choosing rainbow.  Our cakes, along with AJ's mint oreo ice cream cake, were a hit, with quite a dent being put in all three.  Grandma followed tradition giving each of us our age in balloons, which we love.  She also surprised us with some birthday hats this year which we loved as well.  The entire day was simply put, AWESOME!  We were able to see lots of family including Grandpa Jimmy and Grandma Betty, and we had a blast playing with our cousins.  We started with Elizabeth teaching Lily a little gymnastics, and ended with an art show put on by AJ, Lily, and myself.  Let's not forget the opening of the presents and me eating three pieces of cake (I had to try all three) somewhere in the middle of all the fun as well!  Here's to turning 5 here in our world!

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