Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

The Easter Bunny sure was good to us again this year. After waking up we didn't have much time to find our baskets because we had to get to church, but the Easter Bunny was silly and hid them in our coat closet. Since it is still so darn cold here we had to wear coats to church so we found them super fast. After church we were finally able to go through our baskets. Lily loved her new princess jammies and I loved my slinky! We had a few other favorites too like Lily's Pinkalicious book and my dolphin water game. Then it was onto Grandma Jackie's house for the annual egg hunt. We love the egg hunt and started searching as soon as we jumped out of the car. Mom and Dad had to round us up and get us inside so we could wait for our cousins. Once the hunt began I took off running. Lily took her time and helped me out along the way since I missed a few of my eggs. In the end we each had 16 eggs filled with fun stuff like money, candy, and this year's favorite, Squinkies. Grandma also surprised each of us with Easter bags filled with even more goodies. We got Jibbitz for our Crocs, race cars, a princess bell for Lily's bicycle, and silly putty. After a long day we were pretty tired, but we still managed to stay awake for half the ride home talking about all of the excitement from the day. We finally managed to fall asleep and we both literally ran for our beds once we got home. We hope your day was filled with as much fun and family as ours was. Happy Easter from our world!

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