Sunday, January 23, 2011

NFC Championship Game

While Mom and Dad were at Soldier Field cheering on the Packers and the Bears respectively, we were holding down the fort with Grandma Jackie. Lily spent the first half on the couch since she was still feeling a little under the weather, but after a good nap and snack she was ready to cheer on the Packers. She tried to convince me to cheer for them too, but everyone knows that I say go Bears! Lily must have cheered harder than me in the end though, because the Packers won the game. I got over the loss pretty quick because we convinced Grandma to let us lay on the couch and wait for Mom and Dad to get home. We had to promise not to make a sound, which is tough, but we managed to remain silent for 30 minutes until Mom walked through the door...that's a victory in itself!

1 comment:

ubetiam912 said...

Way to go Lily!!!! What a great cheerleader already. Some day maybe you will be just like your mother. Remember now you have to do this again for the super bowl. Maybe than Ryan will help you?????
GO PACK GO on to Super Bowl.
Love you both LOTS!!!
Grandma Betty