Monday, January 10, 2011

Go Marquette!

We finally made it to our first Marquette game, and what a great game it was! Within minutes of arriving at the arena, we all made it on the big TV (aka Jumbotron). The focus was on Lily and her silly faces though. Apparently making faces is cool too, because when they panned over to the student section, a few students made the exact same face as Lily...she is such a trend setter! We enjoyed everything about the game from the popcorn to the falling parachutes with t-shirts. Daddy tried his best to catch one for me, but the mean man next to us got it instead. Lily loved the cheerleaders of course, and has now decided that she wants to be one when she is a big girl. We made it through the entire game, and cheered Marquette onto a big win against Notre Dame! We had so much fun, that Lily and I were making plans the entire way home for the next game Mom and Dad take us to. Go Marquette, Go-Go-Go-Go!

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Jackie said...

Grandma Jackie says "There is only one Lily" and that's probably a good thing.....Mom would have a rough time handling two! It definitely appears to have been a FUN GAME!!!!! Love that smile!