Monday, November 15, 2010

3 Year Check-Up

Today was our big three year check-up with Dr. Hagerman. We were actually pretty excited about going, even though Mom warned us there may be shots. The appointment started out well. Now that we are big kids we get to use the big scale and the big tape measure. We even got to play with these cool balls that lit up when you bounced them. Our stats, particularly my weight, came in lower than Mom and Dad anticipated, with Lily coming in at 36 1/4 inches (30%), and 30 1/4 pounds (45%). I came in at 34 3/4 pounds (80%) and 37 1/2 inches (50%). Dr. Hagerman was happy with everything he saw, although he did pull me aside to have a little chat about potty training. We also talked a bit about my thumb sucking, but we decided to tackle going on the big potty first. After all was said and done with Dr. Dan, the not so pleasant part of the appointment made its appearance. After two shots and a nasal spray, things hurt so bad in our world!

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