Friday, September 24, 2010

Rivalry Weekend

This weekend is huge in our family...Bears vs. Packers...boys vs. girls. We may have to wait for Monday night for the actual game, but Lily and I decided to make a whole weekend out of it starting today by wearing our respective jerseys. We got a lot of stares while out on the street, but no comments. People probably thought Mommy was crazy for dressing her kids like that. We tried to explain to Mom that our teams are #1, but we had a little trouble getting the right finger up. Lily made fun of me because #2 beats #4 so I just did what came naturally, I tackled her. Good thing she thought it was funny because Dad said she won't be laughing on Monday night! I think we'll both be crying though because Mom and Dad are going to the game without us. I guess life is not always fair here in our world!

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titi nery said...

Lily I will sent out a box of tissues for mami to wipe her tears on Monday nite game. Da Bears!!