Saturday, September 4, 2010

Deceptively Delicious

Even though we are good eaters, and will eat almost anything you put on our plates, Mom is always trying to find more ways to get vegetables into our diet. It isn't that we don't like vegetables, it is just that we like trying new and exciting things. For this reason, Mom is on a Deceptively Delicious kick. We've tried a few recipes before, but this summer we have made quite a few things, with our favorite being sweet potato pancakes. Yummy in our tummy! Today, we pulled up our stools, and helped Mom bake chocolate chip cookies with chick peas. We also quickly volunteered to eat them as soon as the first batch came out of the oven. We know you are all grimacing right now, but trust us, they are pretty good in fact that we asked for another. We love eating our veggies here in our world!

1 comment:

Grandma Jackie said...

At least there were chocolate chips in those cookies....not quite totally deceptive!