Thursday, June 29, 2017

Maxwell - Ten Months

Maxwell has reached double digits and is only two months away from his first birthday! I'm pretty sure he thinks he is 10 months going on 10 years! He continues to crawl EVERYWHERE and is just starting to stand unassisted and cruise along the furniture grabbing everything he can get his little hands on. He'll even take steps now while holding onto someones hand. He is also a climber from stairs to chairs, but has yet to master the art of coming back down. He continues to be the happiest baby on earth and his grin is so large that he has to squint so it can reach from ear to ear. He is growing out of some 12 month clothes and moving on up to 18 months, except for pants, as his little legs just can't keep up. Food continues to be of utmost importance in his life and you know he really enjoys something when he moans through his meal. Two of his new favorites are scallops and shrimp; although any type of sausage still tops his list. He sleeps through the night now for almost 12 hours every night. He continues to take two naps per day, although these are often in the car or at the pool due to my and Lily's schedules. "So Big" is a new favorite game and he will often initiate it by raising his arms and just staring at you. Just being with us makes his day and he loves trying everything out (including being buckled into Lily's booster seat). We have some big things planned for month eleven and you just never know what Maxwell may have up his sleeve so stay tuned!

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