Saturday, April 29, 2017

Maxwell - Eight Months

This was a month of movement as Maxwell perfected his ability to pull to stand, scootch forward on his bottom, and slither backwards. These movements get him pretty far now, and sometimes even get him into trouble. He's also darn near perfect in pushing himself to a sitting position from laying down which has resulted in Mom and Dad having to lower his crib mattress so he doesn't flip out after he then pulls himself to stand. We are convinced that he will crawl soon as he is frequently seen rocking back and forth on all fours, and when he isn't doing that he is going for the world record for baby planks. He continues to grow both outward and upward and while he wears 9 month clothing he is now venturing into 12 month clothes as well. He definitely enjoys food with some of his favorites this month being salmon and key lime pie. Max is finally sleeping in his crib after going cold turkey on our trip to Florida. He consistently takes two naps a day (sometimes three if really pooped out), and although we are still battling a few nighttime wakes he no longer needs a bottle in the middle of the night which is progress! Mom and Dad have finally started using the "cry it out" method which is slowly but surely working, although Maxwell puts up quite the fight on some nights. He'll eventually learn that Mom and Dad usually win! He continues to have a thing for iPhones, iPads, computers, and remote controls. The more buttons he can push the happier he is! He is recognizing a ton of words and is continuing to learn sign language. He babbles like crazy at times, but has yet to produce a true word. A big first for him this month was his first airplane ride to Captiva Island in Florida. He was a happy camper for the most part only crying a bit on the way home. His favorite thing on vacation was the pool where he cruised around in his float. Sand and waves were not his favorite and he preferred just lounging in his tent at the beach. Things seem to be happening fast now for Maxwell and we're sure this next month will be just as crazy!

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