Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Maxwell - Seven Months

7 months old, but who's counting?!?! Maxwell continues to grow before our eyes and this past month has been no different. He is wearing 9 month clothes and with the way he eats he'll be in 12 month clothes in no time. He continues to enjoy everything Mom puts in his mouth, and we still have yet to find something he refuses to eat. His favorites are Mom's homemade applesauce and a zucchini/pears/peas mixture. He is sitting up without support now and finally rolling consistently from back to front. He pushes up on all fours as well, but hasn't figured out this is the first step to freedom of movement which Mom is secretly grateful for. He has discovered that if he pushes hard enough though he can move backwards...although not efficient, it sometimes is just enough to get the job done! He is sleeping great during the day now and down to two, sometimes three naps. At night he goes down like an angel, but he still wakes for about two feeds. Lily and I participated in the "cry it out" method to remedy this, but Mom has not ventured there yet due to the fact that he would wake the whole house with his screams. He is starting to display some signs of stranger awareness, especially with men, but when we walk in the room he smiles from ear to ear! He also loves Harley, and makes sure to acknowledge him as he comes down the stairs each morning. He continues to enjoy singing and he will do anything for things with buttons (i.e., Mom's phone and computer). He communicates with squeals and grunts, and has started learning sign language. He has yet to produce any signs, but he recognizes it whenever he sees it and squeals with delight. Maxwell just keeps forging on and he is making huge waves here in our world!

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