Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ryan and Lily - 9 Year Check-Up

I know this post is entitled Ryan's and Lily's 9 year check-up, but we weren't too keen on Mom snapping a photo of us in our hospital gowns so instead Max and Harley are going to grace this post. Maxwell had a big day with bath time and trying sweet potatoes, and Harley is always exhausted when Mom is home all day because it disrupts his naps. Like the title says though, we finally got around to having our 9 year check-up with Dr. Hagerman. All looks good and we left with a clean bill of health. I came in at 4' 3" tall and 63.5 pounds. Lily came in at 4' 2" tall and 61.75 pounds. Now it all makes sense as to why our clothes aren't fitting us anymore. I grew 2.25 inches and gained 8.25 pounds, and Lily grew 2.25 inches and gained 10.75 pounds. Apparently all of our extracurricular activities paired with the yummy food we eat is doing our bodies well! I believe Dr. Hagerman referred to us as lean, mean, fighting machines, and he couldn't be further from the truth!

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