Saturday, October 29, 2016

Maxwell - Two Months

Max has grown by leaps and bounds this past month! Today's photo shoot was interrupted by a little blow-out which resulted in an outfit change halfway through, but Max took it all in stride which is very much so the story of his life. His favorite past time is still sleeping, but he is awake much more and his big eyes are often seen just scanning his surroundings. His big milestone this month was smiling and he will now do it almost every time we strike up a conversation with him. He makes all sorts of crazy noises too and it is fun guessing what he is trying to say. He has some new favorites this month with eating still being at the top of his list. He really enjoys bath time too, and could probably sit in his tub for hours as long as the water stays warm. Mom gets to take Max for his two month check up on Monday so we'll get official measurements then, but we know he is growing up fast and becoming that little man we always refer to him as.

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