Monday, September 5, 2016

1 Week Old

We're not sure if it is more accurate to say Max survived his first week with us, or we survived our first week with Max. In all honestly it really hasn't been that different, although I'm sure if you ask Mom and Dad they may have a different answer. All of our fears of Max keeping us up at night with his crying and the house smelling like stinky diapers were quickly put to rest. I'm sure we are a bit partial, but Max really is an awesome little brother. He only cries when cold, he loves to be cuddled(and Lily loves to provide the cuddles), he could beat each and every one of us in a tooting contest, he may eat more than I did at the same age (if that is humanly possible), he loves car rides, and he loves to pee on Dad. Lily has been a good big sister learning how to change diapers and how to feed him a bottle. She loves to be Mommy's and Daddy's helper. I, on the other hand, just love to chat with Max about all things life is bringing his way. To celebrate Max we took some family pictures today, and even I will admit it was kind of fun. We are slowly comprehending what it means to now have a baby brother in our lives, and it is amazing to us how much room we have in our hearts to just love him. Happy 1 week birthday little man!!!

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