Monday, August 29, 2016

Maxwell Luis Rivera

Mom went in for one of her biweekly non-stress tests today to check on Baby Bronco, and he decided to be a bit sassy during the test. His heart decelerated a few times when Mom's tummy contracted which caused the doctor to be a bit concerned. The decision was made to send Mommy over to labor and delivery to be monitored to make sure Bronco didn't get really sassy, and then Mommy was put on the schedule for an 8:00PM Cesarean section. At least he behaved well enough that Grandma was able to make it down in time to watch us while Daddy headed over to the hospital to be with Mommy.  At a few minuted after 9:00PM, our new baby brother made his grand entrance into the world, and officially became known as Maxwell (Max) Luis Rivera. He was born 12 days early, but that didn't hinder him from being a big boy at 7 pounds 12 ounces. He was only 18.5 inches long, but Daddy thinks they could have stretched him a bit more prior to recording his height. Everything else was perfect with Bronco having ten tiny fingers and ten long toes. His hair was curly and dark brown, and his eyes were still blue. Mom's holding out hope that she's going to get her blue eyed baby, but we're not holding our breath quite yet. Whatever happens there is one thing that will not change, and that is how much we love our baby brother! Welcome to our world Max!

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