Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

Lily here! Since I don't get to comment all that much on here (and you know how hard it is to keep me quiet) I've decided to hijack the blog for at least this one post, and let you know about our adventures this past weekend. We spent the weekend up at the cottage, and despite the rain, we managed to have lots of fun! We squeezed in lots of paddle board rides in between rain showers, and even got stuck in a few downpours which really weren't that big of a deal if you ask me...more like sprinkles! Ryan finally got the courage to venture off on his own, and even stood up on his board which is a big deal for him. I think we had more fun falling off the boards this time around as it meant lots of swimming! I also entertained the group by singing at the top of my lungs "...the sun will come out tomorrow" while out on the lake. The rest of the weekend was filled with four wheeler rides, Yahtzee, the candy store, and eating ginormous strawberries. Life definitely isn't about waiting for the storm to pass as we discovered this weekend, it is about learning to dance in the rain!

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