Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day

Another Christmas has come and gone and we realize just how blessed we are. We woke this morning to lots of presents under the tree, but in all honesty we were more excited to give our gifts to Mom and Dad and to each other. Don't get us wrong, we loved every gift we received, but it was so much fun to give, give, give! Once the gifts were opened it was hard to pry us away, but Grandma's house was calling. We headed up to Green Bay for the afternoon to spend time with family and to celebrate Grandma's birthday. Like usual, we had a wonderful time, and convinced AJ to spend the night with us at Grandma's. I'm pretty sure that we received everything on our wish list and then some, and we had so much fun with family that we can most definitely say that our Christmas was merry and bright!!!

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Jackie said...

Life looks pretty good at the Rivera house....and you certainly helped make Grandma Jackie's Christmas and birthday wonderful....Life is good for all of us. We are truly blessed and lucky!