Friday, August 7, 2015

Sheboygan Day

It was a wet and rainy Friday, but that didn't stop us from heading to Sheboygan with Ms. Mary and Ms. Lindsay. Ms. Lindsay's kids, Grace and Will, joined us as well as we started our morning off at Bookworm Gardens. Every turn of this fun garden represented a different story, many of which we have already read. We then headed to the lake to have a picnic lunch. Due to the rain coming down pretty heavy we were only able to play there for a bit after lunch, but this gave us a good reason to try out a local coffee shop where we indulged in the best hot chocolate...there may have been more whip cream on top of the cup than hot chocolate in the cup...yum!!! Then it was off the the courthouse where we met Ms. Mary's dad, who just happens to be a judge. He took us on a tour and then we got to pretend Ms. Mary was a criminal and we held a mock trial to see if she was guilty or innocent. I made for a pretty good D.A., as Ms. Mary was sentenced to 7 months in prison. We played around with the court stenographer for a bit as well learning how to type on her cool machine. We left with fun gavel pencils to remember our visit and then we headed home since we needed to get to Ms. Jude's and Mr. Dav's for a birthday party.

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