Thursday, June 11, 2015

Two Perfect Matches

This year was the first year Lily and I have been separated at school since 3K, and I'm pretty sure Donges Bay thought long and hard about where they were going to place us because they picked the perfect first grade teacher for each of us. 

Mrs. Amling was the nicest teacher and she always gave the class hot chocolate whenever it snowed. As I hugged her goodbye today she teared up and thanked me for being her go-to man, and she begged me to not move. She then gave Mom the biggest hug and thanked her for bringing me into her life. She made me promise to visit her next year, which I know we will. 

Then there was Lily and Ms. Bongard. Lily loved sharing her stories with her, and telling her all about our adventures. Lily even searched the Humane Society website almost daily to find her the perfect pooch, which Ms. Bongard will hopefully purchase this summer. Lily honestly cannot say one negative thing about her, even though all of her talking sometimes got her in trouble.  

Both of our teachers were great about including our lives into our daily classroom activities. Daddy would send us pictures from his adventures, and both teachers would put them up on the smart board and make it into a geography or history lesson. Our favorite was when he visited Martin Luther King Jr.'s house and we both got to present for our respective classes. Like I said after the first day back in September, first grade was awesome, and Lily would like to add that it was her best year ever!

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