Sunday, March 15, 2015


Just like expected, today was similar to yesterday.  Now that we are so old and mature (according to us at least) we are able to go for bike rides that extend past our driveway.  We take full advantage of this whenever the weather goes above 50 degrees and Wrigley always enjoys it because he gets to walk along with us.  After our bike ride we dug deeper into the garage and found tennis racquets, my skateboard, and my new hockey net and sticks  Wrigley meanwhile found the absolute last pile of snow at the end of the driveway and rolled and rolled until he was soaked and covered in mud.  We always love the first warm up after Winter since we get to pull out so many things that we haven't seen in months. I learned quickly on the skateboard today, but joked with Mom that I should have worn a chest and hand pads as well!  Hockey was fun too as I played against Mom and Lily, and I was in the lead until I literally ran face first into a tree.  The pain and cuts put an end to our fun, but at least I can say I went out with a bang here in our world!

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