Tuesday, January 6, 2015

7 Year Check-Up

We're a few months late, but we made it to the doctor today for our yearly check-up.  I came in at 47 inches (18%) and 52 pounds (50%).  Lily was 45 1/2 inches (9%) and 47 pounds (28%).  The doctor said based on our growth curve over the last 7 years we most likely have what is called Constitutional Growth Delay which is something Mom most likely had as well.  It just means that we will grow at a slower rate than most of our friends until high school or maybe even college and then we'll have a larger than average growth spurt and catch up to everyone.  He said it is nothing to worry about as we will simply be "late bloomers".  Everything else looked good from our heads down to our toes so we're set for another year of just being Ryan and Lily here in our world!

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Jackie said...

Just being Ryan and Lily works for Grandma Jackie. You two are perfect just being you!