Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Princess and the Frog

Today we celebrated at a wedding shower in honor of the Princess and the Frog (aka Tommy and Amanda). Lily of course, fell in love with Princess Amanda and spent quite awhile just walking around mingling with her. Titi Molly saved the day and brought us toys which included bubbles and chalk. This kept Uncle Craig and I busy for quite some time, but we of course made time for a cupcake (or two!). Baby Marc is getting big and Lily loved helping Titi Molly do everything. Being that we are such good helpers we deemed ourselves honorary gift openers and we helped Amanda open every single present. By the end I was an expert in opening the cards and sliding the ribbons off the packages. After the long day we relaxed in Gigi's giant bathtub and then passed out as soon as we hit the road for the drive home. Congratulations to Tommy and Amanda, and remember, if you ever need any help opening gifts give us a call!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ryan and Lily thank you for being such great helpers. We are still talking about what a great job you both did with opening of the gift. Tommy & Amanda will always have great memories to share in the days, weeks and years to cime. The best for me was this morning as my heart was a little broken and to see all the chalk drawing put a smile on my face. You are the best and this titi Nery loves you 2 more!!